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Dear Peggy, The wedding you and Plaza Volare held for us was truly everything we imagined! Thanks for having the patience of a saint dealing with groomzilla Joe!

One of the largest halls in the Greater Montreal area, it can easily accommodate 2,000 attendees for events, meetings, conventions and exhibits. With the ability to divide into 4 different sections, this flexible space can easily meet the needs of a variety of simultaneous functions. The uniqueness of the International room is complemented by a 4 seasons 3600 square feet tent, with a 20 foot ceiling, giving your event an exotic environment.

The Paris - Rome Ballroom features 3100 square feet of flexible meeting space that can break down into two sections or be used for exhibitions. This ballroom is accompanied by a 2000 square foot foyer for pre-function events, and is conveniently located adjacent to the new exhibit hall.

For groups between 120 and 150 the Venice room features 2380 square feet with 12" ceiling and offers maximum flexibility.

The combined rooms can host smaller groups of 50 to 60 people and be separated for more intimate events. The total space is 2080 square feet.

Each of these rooms cans host between 50 to 70 people. They offer an elegant setting for cocktails and receptions. These rooms are also ideally suited for additional planner office space or a speaker-ready room.

This elegant room can host between 50 to 70 people. It offers a warm setting for cocktails and receptions. This room is also ideally suited for additional planner office space or a speaker-ready room.

Our 4 season tent is the most unique part of Plaza Volare. Its 3600 sq ft heated or air-conditioned space accommodates any type of event accompaniment and extends onto our exclusive garden grounds. Whether it be a cocktail, lounge, or a sweet table, our beautiful tent creates a flawless ambiance for your event.

Open for breakfast lunch and diner. Can also be used for pre function cocktails and banquet hall.



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